Royal mail strike – be careful with your credit card statements

An estimated nine million items are being delayed in the post during the Royal Mail strike.  Some of these could be your credit card statements.

Credit card payment delayed in th epost

With an estimated one in every eight postal items being delayed during the Royal Mail industrial dispute, it is very important that you receive your credit card statement in time to make the payment.

Although most credit card companies provide around 26 days grace period in which to make your monthly payment, some are less generous.

Late or missed payments will incur hefty penalties and probably a black mark on your history with the credit card company.

So what can you do to ensure that you make your payments on time?

Internet based accounts

Most credit card companies allow you to access your account over the Internet.

You can view the outstanding balance and the last statement and see when your next payment is due.

You can often pay the bill online using your debit card so that you avoid using the postal service entirely.

It is sensible to check your credit card account online occasionally anyway, just to ensure that there has not been any fraudulent activity.

Phone your credit card company

If your statement should have arrived in the post and the deadline for payment is looming, phone your credit card company as soon as possible and tell them that you have not yet received the statement.

As the postal strike gathers momentum, more of their customers will be affected by this and they may well extend your grace period, however they may not, depending on their policies.

You should also be aware that late payment penalties are mostly initiated automatically by the card company computer systems so often these can not be overridden by the call centre staff.

By phoning them, you are letting them know that you are managing your account responsibly and are endeavouring to get your payment to them as soon as possible.

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