Romance Is In The Holiday

With many booking their summer holiday it seems that more than a rest and warming sun is on the cards for some as over 20% of people on holiday enjoy a blossoming romance.

Travel InsuranceAccording to AA Travel Insurance, nearly a quarter of holidaymakers have enjoyed a holiday romance, with those between 25 and 34 most likely to have a holiday ‘fl;ing’.

It’s not all good though as around 70% of those who did have a holiday romance never met their partner again and considered it a ‘five minute wonder’ – many thought though it was great to have a ‘no strings’ affair.

Teresa Brewer, manager of AA Travel Insurance “It’s clear that most holiday romances are just that – they don’t go any further because things you might share when on holiday just wouldn’t or couldn’t work when you get home.

But occasionally a spark is struck that turns into the long-term flame of love – in fact, nearly a fifth (18%) went on to form a long-term relationship while a surprisingly high number (7%) say they met their lifetime partner while on holiday.”

She added “Holidays really can throw up the unexpected – including the possibility of meeting your perfect partner.  But whether that happens or you just enjoy a short holiday encounter, you’ll want to be sure you can enjoy your hard-earned leisure time and make the most of the opportunities that come along.  For most, that will be simply enjoying new experiences and seeing new sights.

However, it really is important to make sure you have decent travel insurance because sometimes the unexpected may be less welcome: and that’s when insurance can make a real difference.”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many will be turning their attention to love and thinking of romantic gestures for their partners…..or maybe, with these findings, some will be turning to a holiday romance?

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