Rip-Off Charges That Drive Us Mad As We Try To Save Money

At a time when every penny counts, it’s hardly surprising that we hate little rip off charges hitting us which challenge us even more as we try to save money.

Rip-off hidden or additional flight feesMSN Money asked users to nominate the small charges that made them angriest. How about the extortionate cost of cinema food and drink? Or charges to simply fill your tyres with air?

Here’s the top 13 most annoying rip-offs as found by the survey:

1. Being charged extra for not paying by direct debit
2. Premium rate phone numbers
3. Cinema food and drink prices
4. Hidden/additional flight fees
5. Insurance policy amendment fees
6. Ticket booking fees
7. Automatically added tips/service charges
8. Charges for petrol station air pumps
9. Charges for using public toilets
10. Foreign transaction fees on overseas spending
11. Temporary ‘bonus’ savings rates
12. Rental administration and reference fees
13. Inflated postage and packing fees comment: How well these hit the mark and match many of our pet hates here at MoneyHighStreet.

For example, we have for a long time been promoting the use of prepaid travel cards to help manage the cost of overseas spending, if you’re not careful to use the right cards when abroad it really can cost you a lot.

Other areas that we also get frustrated over are the mobile phone roaming charges.

There’s also the issue of businesses continuing to charge for services that you are not using, with the latest to hit the spotlight in this area being lengthy gym membership contracts.

And another we’re just about to pick up on are the fees levied by eBay when you sell items using their service – we were shocked to see how these add up and you need to be aware of them. You can keep up to speed on this and all our personal finance news and tips with our free newsletter – it’s quick and easy to sign-up here.

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