Record high energy bills on the way

Record high energy bills are on the way following the winter snow and icey cold weather. With the average energy bill up 20% over a year, bill payers need to act now to save money going forward.

Energy bills save moneyAccording to research by, the average household winter energy bill has increased by 20% in just 12 months and now stands at £616. Standard quarterly tariffs are the most expensive ways to pay for energy yet over half of us are still on a standard tariff.

Scott Byrom, utilities manager at, said: “Our research has shown people use 40 per cent of their annual energy consumption over the winter and with this winter bill at an all-time high, many people will be hit with a chunky bill soon.”

He added “The prospect of forking out for a chunky winter bill should be the catalyst to swap to the best tariff for their region and consumption, as well as actively trying to be more energy efficient and reducing the amount of energy they use to save money.”

Switching to the best available online energy plan, and paying by monthly direct debit, can significantly reduce energy bills. Also by paying by monthly direct debit your payments are spread over a 12 month period in more manageable instalments, meaning you don’t get hit with a massive winter quarterly bill.

As well as switching energy provider, there are other ways to reduce your energy consumption, including insulate your loft, turn your heating down by 1 degree, switch off lights and applicances and lower your washing machine temperature.

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