Protect Your Home From Burglars This Christmas Season

One in ten households have been burgled during the Christmas period, research from Hiscox home insurance has discovered.

Christmas Tree At HomeThe high rate of theft during the Christmas festivities, at a time when households are bulging with valuable gifts, means that home security is more important than usual.

This is particularly the case if you intend to go on holiday during the next few weeks, as Austyn Tusler, home insurance expert at Hiscox, advises:

“Having some basic measures in place creates a security system that can go a long way in deterring would-be thieves. It is unfortunate that you are at greater risk during holidays when your home is more likely to be unattended, but the good news is that some additional steps will help protect your home.”

Fitting window locks and burglar alarms are the most popular means of deterring burglars, however homeowners who are going on holiday are also advised to ask their neighbours to keep an eye on their house and use timers to turn on electric lights during the evening.

Ensuring that your home is adequately protected need not be difficult or expensive, according to Mr Tusler:

“Keeping would-be thieves at bay is a combination of a fixed security system supplemented by some practical measures. Telling your family and friends, home based staff or neighbours you are away is a simple but effective precaution to alert them to watch out for any strange activities.

Turning on the timers on your lighting systems and making sure your windows are locked can be enough to deter potential burglars.”

(For further insurance advice, visit Hiscox, specialists in a variety of insurance packages, including both Home & Personal and Business, such as Professional Indemnity Insurance)

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