Post Holiday Diet And Detox For Many

With the holiday season in full swing many holidaymakers are over-indulging in food and drink meaning the prospect of a post holiday diet and detox is going to be the welcome home.

Holiday Diet and DetoxResearch by Churchill Travel Insurance shows that British holidaymakers are spending over £40 a day per person on meaks and snacks whilst on holiday.

Around 45% of holidaymakers say they will eat more on holiday than at home, enjoying the local cuisine.

Trying to save money, families are opting for all-inclusive holiday packages and it is on these that holidaymakers are being the most over-indulgent – eating more than would usually to get the most value from the hotel buffet and eating more  sugary and high fat foods than they would normally.

It’s not just food either, with free alcohol included in such all-inclusive packages, over 25% also admit to drinking as much as they can to get their money’s worth.

All this leads to nearly 25% of holidaymakers having to return home to a wake up call – a diet and detox to lose the holiday pounds, a great welcome home!

Annette Fox, spokesperson for Churchill Travel Insurance, commented: “It seems that British travellers are making the most of the cuisine on offer in other countries while they are abroad. However, remember to check that the food is safe to eat if you’re eating away from your hotel, and be safe and know your limits when drinking alcohol.”

MoneyHighStreet comments: “A lot of people are looking to save money at the moment and if a holiday can be afforded, opting for an all-inclusive is done by many to help them budget – the hotel costs are known and it’s only extras such as trips out that need to be added on whilst away.

However, the mentality of ‘getting your money’s worth’ needs to be done in moderation. If you don’t mind coming  back to that diet and detox, that’s fine, drink and eat all you want. Do consider your overall health though – if taken to excess suffering from food poisoning or alcohol poisoning can be serious and require hospital treatment.

Whether to cover this or other potential issues you may have whilst travelling, don’t forget to have travel insurance in place.

And if it is back to the diet regime on your return home, have you considered one of the new style Pay As You Go Gyms – might be better than having to pay out for an expensive gym membership if you’re one of the many that find gym attendance more of a five minute wonder than a long  term commitment.

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