Personal Accountz Voucher Code

Personal Accountz money management software, now called Home Accountz 2012, is currently available with our exclusive 20% discount voucher code.

Home AccountzMoney management software products from are now available with a 20% discount using our voucher code.

Just use this link to the Accountz website and enter the voucher code: SHMRH20 when you checkout.

This voucher code applies to the Home Accountz product range. It expires 31 January 2011.

At MoneyHighStreet we are impressed with and their products and have published a Home Accountz review plus articles about how to migrate from Quicken and Microsoft Money, which are no longer supported in the UK.

The range of business accounting software also provides a progressive range of capabilities that allow a fledgling business to undertake sound financial bookkeeping and then to add more features as the business grows and its accounting software requirements become more complex.

You can read our Business Accountz Basic review and Business Accountz Professional review to see if these products would be suitable for your business needs.

The fact that is a UK based company with ambitious plans for the future should be particularly appealing to consumers who have been abandoned by Quicken and Microsoft Money. Another major benefit of using Personal Accountz and the business products is that these systems run on Windows, including Windows 7, MAC and Linux operating systems.

We are also delighted that the CEO of is a member of our panel of experts so if you have any questions about their products, or even about personal money management and bookkeeping software then feel free to ask our expert!

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