Nintendo DSi review

Our Nintendo DSi review might help you decide which games console to buy so below are some details about this highly sought after handheld gaming system.
Nintendo DSi
This product is an evolution from other gaming consoles released by Nintendo – the original DS and DS Lite versions. It is dubbed as the lightest and best edition due to its compact features. The Gameboy Advance slot in the other consoles was replaced with an SD card slot. It also has larger screens, longer stylus, backwards compatibility and higher multimedia storage capacity. There are over 1,000 Nintendo DS games compatible with this console. If you get tired of these games, download the latest software from DSiWare games.

Multimedia sharing is also possible via its built-in Internet accessibility. There are also two built-in 0.3 megapixel cameras.

One camera is situated on the external body pointing away from the user, and the second one points at the user when the device is flipped open. The DSi Cameras feature 10 different interactive “lenses” that can manipulate your photos, offering an easy way to take and share your photos with family and friends.

Where to find the best Nintendo DSi deal (As of December 11)

  • Amazon ₤139.99, Black or White + selected game for ₤10 + free delivery
  • John Lewis – ₤139.95, Black + Free 1-yr. guarantee or pay ₤50 to extend warranty up to 3 years.  Free delivery.
  • – ₤139.99, Red, promotes 10% discount on DSi Memory Cards.  Free delivery.
  • Comet – ₤149.99, Black

The best deal once again comes from Amazon. Get your bundle now and choose from their wide game selection.

Nintendo DSi reviews: what users are saying about the DSi

“I am glad to have upgraded to the DSi, for those that have a collection of GBA Games, you’ll probably want to hold back, unless you wish to upgrade! Most Game stores like Gamestation, will let you trade-in your DS against the value for a DSi, meaning you’ll have to pay less or simply, go and buy DSi as well.  I really like the DSi and don’t regret upgrading. With the additional DSi Shop, there will be some great little extras available out there!” From Amazon

“I’m not sure if everyone knows this but if you have wireless in your house and you have the internet, set up a nintendo club account. […] you get 1000 points free and this is enough to buy a couple of downloadable games straight away. You don’t need a memory card straight away as the dsi held 2 games and tons of pics without a memory card. This was well worth the money…” From Comet

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