New Year Celebrations At Home For Many

With a growing trend to hold New Year celebrations at home with friends and family, this year will be no exception.

New Year Celebrations Home InsuranceAccording to the latest Post Office® Home Insurance New Year survey, over 70% will be having a night in with their friends and family to welcome in the New Year – up from 55% in 2007.

The majority said they just preferred to stay in, although the bad weather has helped some make the decision.

For others, saving money was cited as the reason for some.

That said the survey showed that those who plan to go out expect to spend less than those that stay at home. People partying at home are set to splash out £95 each on food and booze and with dinner parties being so popular, many hosts could see their shopping bills mount up as they look to impress friends with their festive fare.  This compares to an average spend of £73 for those planning to see in 2011 in a club, and £57 in a pub.

Wherever it’s spent, many will of course be having their last indulgence before their new resolutions to lose weight or get fit kick in.

If staying in, there is of course the risk of having property damaged by over-excited guests – over 20% say they will not be hosting a New Year’s Eve party for this very reason.

Post Office Head of Home Insurance, Gerry Barrett, said: “As our research shows, New Year’s Eve can be a costly celebration, even when staying in, and the last thing you want is to enter into 2011 with stained carpets and damaged property.

If you are opening up your door to friends and family to see in the New Year, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately covered against any revelling mishaps.”

Some home insurance policies, such as from the Post Office, automatically increase contents cover over the festive period, ensuring customers are protected against opportunistic thieves.

There’s also Full Accidental Damage cover to consider – this covers against unexpected party catastrophes such as wine spillages on carpets or broken ornaments. Again many home insurance policies provide this, either as part of the cover or for a small additional charge.

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