New pay monthly phone tariffs from Virgin Mobile

Mobile phone companies are well known for regularly changing their tariffs, often the changes though really do give better deals.

I’m currently doing some research into what’s on offer on the pay monthly phone front and as a start I’ve come across some great deals from Virgin Mobile.

I’ll list them below but you can check Virgin Mobile directly if you’d prefer, in case they’ve changed again!

As at 16 June, the pay monthly phone tariffs include

  • £8.50 tariff – 100 minutes and 100 texts
  • £15 tariff – 300 texts and 200 minutes
  • £18 tariff – two variations, either 500 texts, 150 minutes and unlimited web access OR unlimited texts and 250 minutes
  • £22 tariff – Unlimited texts and 400 minutes OR unlimited texts, unlimited web access and 250 minutes.
  • £25 tariff – Unlimited texts, unlimited web access and 500 minutes

There are a range of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG phones available for free too, depending on which tariff is selected.

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