New Free iPhone App For Motorists

A new iPhone App has been launched today for motorists. Called LV=MyCar, it features five options to help motorists manage their car documentation, provide local traffic updates and to offer administrative assistance if there is an accident.

iPhone 4 AppLaunched by car insurer LV=, the new iPhone App provides five clickable options for users to chose from including a car profile function, traffic maps, local info maps and for LV= customers only, an accident toolkit and call LV= tool.

Each option takes the user to a separate page and offers a different service.

The car profile function allows users to input information about their own car to be stored on the app. Users can either enter their vehicle registration number whereby a third party provider[i] will determine the exact car make/model (plus other information) or they can choose to create their own manual car profile. Here they will be able to include relevant information about their car such as engine size, BHP, miles per gallon, tyre pressure and tyre size.

Drivers can also use the app to receive detailed local traffic updates and access a local information map which will highlight nearby amenities.

The accident toolkit feature, which only applies to LV= car insurance customers, allows motorists to fill out an accident report form and submit it to LV=. There are two sections to this feature; ‘during an accident’ and ‘after an accident’.

The first section allows the user to make notes about an accident they have been involved in and this includes the other driver’s details and the opportunity to capture images of the accident.

The second section enables LV= customers to fill in an accident report form. Here they are prompted to note their personal information, a description of the incident, whether there was third party involvement, whether either party accepted fault, extent of the damage, injuries, witnesses, whether the police were involved and if there is a crime number.

Once all of the relevant information is complete users can submit the form to LV= and a claims handler is guaranteed to get in contact within 24 hours.

The app is free to download and is available now on the Apple App Store and can also be found at

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