New Abbey credit card launched

A new Abbey credit card has been launched with a market leading 0% balance transfer period of 15 months.

Abbey credit card

The new Abbey credit card also offers a highly competitive interest rate of 15.9% and 0% on purchases for 3 months.

Whilst there is a balance transfer fee of 3% (min £5), the 0% interest on the balance transfer for 15 months, coupled with a great APR of 15.9%, will no doubt make this new credit card an attractive option for many people.

Managing Director of Abbey Credit Cards, Roger Lovering, said

‘In the current climate, people are having to manage their finances more carefully and from talking to our customers, it became clear that current priorities are very much about good financial management and value for money. The simplicity of our new card reflects this and also enables us to offer the best deal on the high street.’

According to Abbey Credit Cards research, some 7% of Britons, 3 million people are proposing to transfer over £7 billion between credit cards over the coming months to take advantage of 0% balance transfer offers.

No wonder Abbey have decided to launch their credit card with such a market leading offer of 15 months of 0% interest on balance transfers.

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