Do I need Wii Fitness Games?

As I wrote earlier this week, I’m currently assessing whether I should just keep my gym membership, just use my new Wii Fit and balance board or use both. Now my question is do I need Wii Fitness games?

To be honest I didn’t even know there was anything else on offer and assumed I’d have all I need with the Wii fit Plus and all its training categories of Aerobic Exercises, Muscle conditioning, Yoga, Balance Games and Training Plus. I think this might still be the case, but is it?

Amazon sent me an email this morning about their Top Fitness Games on Nintendo Wii – brilliant marketing they have and tracking of customer and visitor activity – their opening line said ‘As you’ve recently bought a Nintendo Wii or shown an interest in fitness games in the past, we though you be interested in our range of Nintendo Wii fitness games.’

So of course they got my attention – not least because instead of my visit to the gym today I’ll be using the Wii Fit as with all the snow I can’t get up our road let alone to the gym! I guess this is one of the big pluses of keeping fit at home, although I realise I do have to keep things in perspective as it’s not that often we get so much snow!!

Anyway, the Wii fitness games Amazon suggested for me are:

  • EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer (Wii)
  • My Fitness Coach (Wii)
  • NewU: Fitness First Personal Trainer (Wii)

But it’s not only games they’re suggesting, there are also fitness accessory packs such as the Pair & Go Fit Kit 6 Pack which has an Exercise mat, silicon cover, carry case, Re-chargeable battery pack + USB cable and 2 pairs of textured Yoga socks.

It’s opening up a whole new set of things to investigate! Anyone got any views on all this? If you do be great if you could provide some feedback please.

For now I’m going to use what I have and try some Muscle conditioning and also see what I can do on the Training Plus.

I’ll then start some research into all these Wii fitness games and accessories – got to keep my finance in mind though, after all I started all this not just for keeping fit but making sure I’m spending my money to do so in the best possible way!

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