My First Kindle Read

I’ve just finished reading the latest best seller from Sebastian Faulks, ‘A Week In December’ and I’m just starting Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The big difference is this new read is my first on my Kindle and I’m really rather excited.

KindleI was very fortunate to receive a kindle for my birthday earlier this year. In fact I was more than fortunate in that I actually received 2 kindles – one from my husband and one from some very good friends.

Clearly I could only have one! I therefore sent the one my husband bought me back to Amazon for a refund – which I received without any delay or issues.

The one I returned was actually a 3G Kindle version whereas the one from my friends is a Wi-Fi only one, meaning I need to be able to get a Wi-Fi connection to download books.

Not a big issue I don’t think but something you do need to consider. For example you need to be proactive before you go on holiday and download your books using a known Wi-Fi connection, unless of course you know there is one where you are going – more and more likely these days.

Anyway, I’ve now finished reading my physical book, ‘A Week in December’ by Sebastian Faulks, a book that I’d started before getting my Kindle. (By the way I found it very good, albeit not quite up to the brilliance of Bird Song by the same author)

I’ve just read the first 2% of my new book, ‘Twilight’, on my Kindle. So easy. I thought I’d miss turning the physical pages but I don’t. I fell naturally into ‘pressing a button’ to turn to the next page.

The text is very clear and very easy to read. It’s also a very neat and easy to hold device.

I’ll keep you posted but if the remaining 98% can be read as easily as the first 2% it won’t be long before I finish this book and move rapidly onto the next.

Out of interest, I just checked the prices of the eBook vs the physical book for these 2 books and found the following (as at 4 February 2012):

A Week in December

Physical book – RRP £7.99

  • Amazon – £4.99
  • The Book Depository ( – £7.00

Kindle book

  • Amazon – £4.49


Physical book – RRP £7.99

  • Amazon – £4.79
  • The Book Depository – £6.96

Kindle book – £4.99

So, interestingly enough I could have had Twilight cheaper if I’d chosen to read a physical book. But I would have had to wait for a postal delivery and then have the worry if I needed to be in for the delivery or if I wasn’t whether I’d then have the trouble of collecting it from the local sorting office.

In contrast I paid more for the Kindle version but I was able to download it without delay and start reading immediately…. and that’s what I’m going to continue doing now. All in all, so far I’d thoroughly recommend getting one of these great devices.

I won’t be able to add a book to my book shelves on finishing reading or easily pass it to a friend to read. But I can still read very easily and can readily put my Kindle in my handbag, along with all the other gadgets and paraphernalia that I seem to have in there.

Is the art of reading a physical book going to die I wonder? I doubt it but for pure convenience I think eReaders such as the Kindle are increasingly going to have a role to play.

What do you think?

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