Money Management Software Review: Home Accountz 2012

Many have used Microsoft Money for their personal money management and have struggled to find a replacement now that it is now longer available or supported. We think we may have the answer, Home Accountz 2012, and here’s our review.

Home Accountz 2012In a nut shell, Home Accountz 2012, is a personal accounting software package that helps you to easily manage your personal finance matters.

At this point you could simply visit the Home Accountz website and download a copy of the software – it’s so easy to do and at under £40 it’s a great price for such a powerful tool.

To give you some more info though, here’s more of a review of the key benefits of the software.

It enables you to easily record your income and expenses. In fact it has what is called ‘The Eazy Button’ which guides you step by step through a number of the transactions you are likely to make. For example ‘Pay off a credit card’ or ‘Add a direct debit’. See more detail about this on the Accountz website here.

If you are more of a ‘power user’, you can use added functionality, including reconciling bank accounts and credit cards. You can also view all your information on charts and graphs.

And there’s a budget tool as well.

As well as enabling you to easily record transactions, it has a powerful budgeting tool too. With this you can budget for individual things such as a holiday or buying a car or you can budget for the more general, day to day things, such as your expenditure on groceries or fuel.

Coupling your expenses with your income you can then set a budget for a defined period, say over the next year.

As you go through the year, you can compare what you have actually spent and received as income and compare with what you forecast in your budget. If you need to make adjustments you can readily see where you might be able to make these.

If you need to manage transactions in multiple currencies you can do that too.

Importantly there are a number of reports you can run and of course see your total financial worth.

Overall it’s a great package and replaces the earlier Personal Accountz software that we here at have long been a fan of.

How much does Home Accountz 2012 cost?

As at 9 February 2012

  • You have the option to download Home Accounts for £32.50+VAT, a total of £39.00 – download here now.
  • You can buy a boxed copy of the software for £32.50+VAT, a total of £39.00 – buy here now.
  • You can optionally buy a Home Accountz Annual Telephone support contract for £58.32 +VAT, a total of £69.98 – buy here now.

Home Accountz Reviews

What do others think about this money management software. Quite simply, they like it, a lot!

Here’s a typical customer review:

“I must take this opportunity of congratulating you on the work you have done on Home Accountz. I am very pleased with the programme and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good home accounting programme.” – John Henrick

The software has also received 5 Stars from Computer Shopper, who commented

‘Home Accountz is easy to get your head around and has everything you need to help you get your home finances in order.’

 You can see more reviews and buy this money management software on the Home Accountz website.

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