Make sure you are covered for cancer costs

Make sure you are covered for cancer costs as according to Macmillan Cancer Support, 25% of cancer patients have difficulty keeping up with bill payments whilst fighting the illness.

Cancer diagnosisCancer is a worry for most and something that many still think ‘will never happen to them’.

The stark reality though is it does happen and a cancer diagnosis is received by a lot of people every day.

For example, some 46,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and 75% of the women affected are under 70 years of age.

The whole issue of cancer has though seen some positive changes.

Through such as the high profile cervical cancer that Jade Goody had and initiatives such as bowel cancer screening, there is generally a raised awareness of cancer.

Cancer is more likely to be discussed now rather than considered a ‘taboo’ subject and there is a readiness for people to act sooner.

All this, along with improvements in technology, means earlier cancer diagnosis in many cases.

The result is that more are able to successfully beat the disease. For example 80% of women would now survive breast cancer if diagnosed today.

Cancer can affect anyone, male or female, at any time.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not confine itself to those who have a family history of the disease or have a poor lifestyle through such as smoking or drinking.

As well as the health and emotional demands, there are also the financial implications to consider of a cancer diagnosis.

If you are faced with fighting cancer, you may have to stop work, at least for a while.

How will you ensure you can still pay your bills and keep yourself and your family free from financial difficulties?

One option is take out insurance cover, which can be done in a number of different ways.

Taking out insurance that pays out a lump sum on cancer diagnosis is one way – a crticall illness policy or a policy such as that offered under the Wellwoman plan.

Watch this video with Jayne Constantinis to learn more about this approach, along with expert information on the risk and causes of female specific cancers.

Alternatively, you could consider Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) that pays out an agreed monthly sum of money if you cannot work for a period of time through sickness, an accident or because you have been made redundant.

Clearly you need to consider the best option that suits your needs and take expert advice if appropriate.

Importantly though do consider your options and make sure you are covered financially in the event that you are diagnosed with cancer.

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