Landlords insurance – why is it needed?

Landlords insurance, or buy to let insurance as it is sometimes known, is specialist insurance for rented properties.

Landlord insurance

Although a large number of landlords believe standard home insurance is appropriate for rented properties, it is not.

Relying on home insurance and not advising your insurer that your property is rented could mean that a claim is refused.

Choosing the right landlords insurance policy is crucial.

It has to provide the right level of cover for the tenant, the property and for you, the landlord. Tenants are only responsible for insuring their own posessions.

As well as considering buildings and contents insurance needs, you must also consider liability cover in case the tenant or their guests get hurt and it can be shown that as landlord you had been negligent in any way.

If you employ such as a house keeper or gardener then Employers Liability is also needed.

There are other points to consider and you really do need to get the right cover to meet your needs.

We work with Simple Landlords Insurance who specialise in providing online landlords property insurance.

You can get a landlords insurance quote in just 3 minutes.

If you like the cover and the price, you can buy your insurance online, hassle-free and at a time to suit you.

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