Kudos To The Sainsbury’s Careline

Have you seen that “Try Me” logo on the back of many, if not all, of the Sainsbury’s prepared foods? It’s part of their careline approach and I had to put it to the test today.

Here’s how I got on.

We had bought a ready meal comprising sea bass in a lime and ginger sauce over the weekend and cooked it last night.

I love sea bass and was looking forward to it, but sadly the fish was completely tasteless, even though the sauce was nice.

It was farmed fish from Greece, which may have had something to do with its complete lack of taste, but I was so disappointed that I decided to give the Sainsbury’s careline a ring about it.

The operator was really polite and friendly and wanted to know where and when I bought it. We had kept the packaging so I could answer her questions about the bar code and supplier numbers.

My comments would be fed back to the supplier, I was told. Sainsbury’s would also refund the cost of the product by sending me a gift card.

I was impressed. I felt Sainsbury’s were interested in my feedback and were going to act upon it. I was also pleased about being refunded.

Kudos to Sainsbury’s then for their excellent customer care, but let’s hope they improve their sea bass!

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