Jigsaws And Home Insurance Connected

Having written last week on ‘Home Insurance: Is Your Collection Junk or Worth a Fortune‘, I was today interested to read an article in the Mail Online about ‘Rising prices don’t puzzle jigsaw fans’.

Essentially the article is about the humble jigsaw puzzle. Apparently the pursuit of jigsaws gives the likes of the Queen, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and former US President George W Bush something in common.

However the fascinating thing for me with my home insurance hat on is the fact that some jigsaw enthusiasts, called dissectologists, see the jigsaw as a good investment. Over the last few years the value of vintage puzzles has apparently been steadily rising and sets which once fetched £200 are now worth £500. The rarest can sell for thousands of pounds.

The question is therefore, even if you aren’t an avid collector, how many jigsaws do you have tucked away – perhaps there are one or two which were given to you as a present sometime ago but which have never been opened as they weren’t ‘your thing’ and just put in the loft?

Of course if your jigsaws are to be of any real value, as with other vintage games or books, you will need to have the original packaging and the jigsaw will need to be in good condtion.

Importantly though, have you considered the value of your jigsaws, or indeed any other collections you may have, when it comes to setting the value for your home insurance? Maybe it’s time to reassess?

If your collection is quite valuable it’s entirely possible that a standard home contents insurance policy will not be sufficient. In this case, it could be well worth looking at a specialist or high net worth home insurance policy.


Mail Online Article – Rising prices don’t puzzle jigsaw fans

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