It’s True, The Gym And Sugary Foods Do Go Together

From when I was working in London and would visit the gym at lunch time, stopping off for an iced bun on the way back to the office, to now hitting the gym and longing for some chocolate on my return home, I’ve known there is a link between a gym session and a desire for sugary foods.

So whilst on my coffee break this morning (yes, complete with 2 chocolate digestive biscuits) you can imagine my delight on reading in the Mail Online ‘How hitting the gym can make you want sugary foods EVEN more’, which describles how researchers have found that many people could be driven to crave high fat foods after a workout and so undermine their exercise efforts to lose weight.

Apparently a group of 34 men and women were involved in the research over 12 weeks and were asked to pick food preferences after their workout. Those that picked healthy foods, such as rice and pasta, were succesful with their weight loss, whilst those that struggled with their weight loss craved doughnuts and chocolate – guess which category I fall into!!

You can read the full article in the mail online.

If though you’d prefer to head for some chocolate, how about the Sainsbury’s special offers on Easter Eggs? Kind of fits in with today being Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day as many will of course know it) and almost the start of Lent leading up to Easter…..the craving for chocolate can of course kick in without a visit to the gym first!

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