It’s Holiday Hangover Time

Many Brits have or are about to get back from a summer holiday feeling far from relaxed and refreshed, financially over budget and some wishing they had never gone away.

Holiday Travel InsuranceA survey by reveals that only 39% of holidaymakers believe that what they paid for their holiday was money well spent.

Many have taken on some form of debt for their holiday pleasure and some 20% admit they will still be paying this off as they approach their summer holiday in 2012.

A holiday is meant to be a time for recharging batteries and yet over 14% feel they come home feeling tired or stressed, not helped by many having spent too much money.

Amazingly 4% wish they had never gone on holiday!

The main holiday spoilers include not getting value for money and things costing much more than expected, the resort not living up to the brochure description and suffering delays either going away or coming home.

Unfortunately some had had a member of their party taken ill or be injured and a few reported being a victim of a crime but many didn’t even have travel insurance or an EHIC to fall back on.

As Jeremy Cryer, head of travel at commented, “While there is little we can do about the weather spoiling our holiday, we can take steps to be better organised financially and better protected should the worst happen when we are abroad.”

And added “There’s no excuse for heading abroad without travel insurance these days.  There are plenty of good value policies available and it is easier than ever to shop around for a good deal. ”

MoneyHighStreet comments: “Is a holiday a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘must’ is a question to answer. Unfortunately many consider it a ‘must’ and yet financially find they cannot afford what they really want. Perhaps this then contributes to the negative holiday findings in the Gocompare survey?

“If you are planning a holiday you really do need to carefully consider your budget. This needs to include all your holiday costs from travel, accommodation and food to entertainment – you may find our article on things to tick off before you go on holiday helpful.

“You of course need to stick to your budget otherwise you could find yourself over using your credit cards and ultimately risk landing yourself with debt that’s difficult to pay off.

“One thing though, try not to cut back on your travel insurance – if you do have an injury, someone ill or something lost or stolen whilst away, having insurance to call upon will be very welcomed.

“Consider the cover you need and make sure your buy travel insurance accordingly, understand the limits on such as lost luggage and the excess amounts to pay – buying the cheapest insurance may seem attractive but it may not be the best to meet your needs.

“And a final thought, as well as maybe over spending fianncially, are you one of the many also over indulging in food and drink and facing a post holiday diet and detox?”

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