Is Your Shed and Its Contents Insured?

With the arrival of Spring, spending time in the garden is becoming more attractive, however people should check that their garden sheds are secure and their contents fully insured, Barclays is warning.

Home InsuranceThere can be a lot of value in the contents of a garden shed. If you consider the cost of replacing a lawn mower, power tools, bikes and the rest of the contents of your average shed, their total value can easily run to thousands of pounds.

Consequently garden sheds are attractive targets for thieves, particularly if they are not secured properly. But still do you have adequate home insurance cover?

“As householders are placing more emphasis on their gardens many of them don’t realise that replacing the contents of their garden shed can cost as much as replacing electrical items in home, such as computers, iPhone and televisions.

They should be extra vigilant to make sure that they lock any high risk garden items away in a secure place such as a garage, as thefts are a particular problem in spring and summer.”, says Shane Leivers, Barclays Head of Home, Motor & Travel Insurance.

Home Insurance from Barclays automatically covers the contents of secured outbuildings up to the value of £3,000 and garden furniture items left out in the open up to £500 in respect of any one claim.

Bicycles are also covered for loss or damage, from either the home or shed, up to £2,500, although there are specialist bicycle insurance available that also includes cyclist liability insurance.

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