Is Now a Good Time To Buy Property?

The latest Rightmove Consumer Confidence Survey has just been released and it shows that 60% of those questioned believe that now is the right time to buy property.

Apparently over 30,000 people were questioned by the survey, so the figures sound significant and are, of course, very interesting for those who have a stake in the housing market.

These figures also chime with our news yesterday that Chartered Surveyors saw a rise in property prices in January and also expect sales to pick up as we move into early Spring.

There is a sting in the tale from the Surveyors, though. They expect house prices to level off during the latter part of the year as more homeowners try and take advantage of the rising prices and start to flood the market, changing it from a sellers to a buyers market.

The Rightmove survey also questioned their respondents about their views about where the property market will be in 12 months time. The proportion of those believing it will be a better time to buy in 12 months has increased marginally over the last three quarters.

So consumers seem more optimistic than the Surveyors. Interesting.

What is almost certain, however, is that the housing market does seem to be blossoming at the moment and is set to continue growth through Spring. What happens after that is anybody’s guess and don’t forget that there is a General Election coming soon to add its influence on the value of your home.

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