Is It Lose Weight, Get Fit Or Look For A New Job?

New Year’s resolutions are being drummed up by many, top of the list is to lose weight but personal finance matters, including pay off debts are also a high priority for many.

New Years ResolutionsAccording to a survey by, 64% of Brits plan to make resolutions for 2011.

Some 40% of people make resolutions because they genuinely hope to change their behaviour, however, the survey also revealed that over half of New Year’s resolutions will be broken by the end of January with only 14% of people expecting to maintain their pledges between six to 12 months.

Lose weight and get fit or take more exercise are at the top of the resolutions list. Personal finance matters though feature prominently, with 44% wanting to sort out finances and save money on outgoings, including pay off debts.

John Miles, business development director at commented, “Money worries are clearly very much front of mind still – the fact that more people are resolving to sort out their finances than ‘spend more time with their family’, ‘quit smoking’ and ‘reduce alcohol consumption’ put together tells us a lot about the economic outlook for 2011.

An easy step towards achieving this goal is to make sure that you are always getting a good deal on your insurances and utility bills.  Comparison sites like can help people to compare products and shop around for the best deal.”

The UK’s top resolutions for 2011 are

The UK’s top resolutions
Lose weight 55%
Get fit/take more exercise 49%
Sort out finances/save money on outgoings 44%
Eat more healthily or change diet 35%
Look for a new job 16%
Take up a new hobby, sport or interest 16%
Spend more time with family/friends 15%
Stop/reduce smoking 14%
Stop/reduce drinking 11%

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