Is the Cycle to Work Scheme working?

I am a big fan of the cycle to work scheme, which is one of the reasons why we are publishing so many articles about it on

Cycling to work on bike

An article about the cycle to work scheme being unpopular on has left me wondering how successful it actually is.

Apparently only 3% of the working population cycle to work and only a small number of employers offer the scheme.

There are two stumbling blocks, apparently – the complexities of administering the scheme for employers and the lack of showering and changing facilities for employees when they arrive sweaty and out of breath at their work place.

Some major employers, such as O2, say that the scheme is not as popular as other flexible benefits such as childcare vouchers and purchasing additional holidays.

Although I can see that cycling to work will only appeal to a small number of people, it seems that employers are not doing enough to promote the scheme to their employees and encourage a better take up.

Yes, it is costly to install showers in the work place and I can see this being a big problem for employers who rent or own older buildings, but many newer office facilities have showers installed already.

So it seems to be the employers, not those who will actually be getting on their bikes,  who are most reluctant to embrace the scheme.  Here is one example, that actually shocked me.

A friend works in a large NHS hospital and has approached his HR department as he would like to join the cycle to work scheme.  He was told that the hospital scheme is closing down this month!

So a scheme to help promote better health, help the environment, save on valuable hospital parking and help make happier employees is being stopped by a major NHS hospital!

It is no wonder that the cycle to work scheme is not proving as successful as it could be when government institutions are not supporting it.


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