The iPhone 4 Maybe A Smart Buy After All

Earlier today we asked the question about whether it is sensible to buy the iPhone 4. Having heard what Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, had to say at the emergency press conference a few hours ago, I think the answer is to that question is Yes!

There has been a lot of uncertainty about the reception problems encountered by iPhone 4 users. After all no one wants to buy something that is immediately recalled by the supplier for a hardware fix.

So the antenna issues can be fixed with a case, as we suggested, and to sweeten that proposition, Apple will now provide a case free.

Now I don’t own an iPhone 4, or even an iPhone 3, but I am seriously considering getting a smart phone soon, mainly so that I can Tweet more effectively, and more often. However if I did spend £229 on an iPhone I would want to protect that investment with a case anyway. It beats using duct tape, that’s for sure.

So Steve Jobs has taken the sensible course of action by giving away a free case from now on. He also announced that unhappy customers can return their iPhone 4 within thirty days if they want, and do not have to pay the re-stocking fee (check network contract obligations first though).

I still think there are good alternatives to the iPhone 4 out there, but I reckon that the decision to fix the reception problems with a free case have just made the iPhone 4 an even more attractive proposition.

Finding iPhone 4 stock is still a challenge though!

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