iPhone 4 Becomes UK’s Favourite Mobile phone

The Apple iPhone 4 has become the UK’s favourite smartphone according to the latest mobile phone statistics from uSwitch.

iPhone 4There is fierce competition in the smart phone market as phone manufacturers and competing operating systems battle it out to win customers.

It appears to be Apple with its iPhone 4 that claimed the top spot as the UK’s most popular mobile phone in April, according to the latest uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker.

The iPhone 4 had previously been in the top three most popular smartphones.

The tracker ranks the most popular handsets according to the number of searches on the uSwitch.com web site and the number of sales each product achieves.

Although the iPhone 4 has claimed the top spot in the uSwitch rankings for April, products from HTC such as the HTC Desire HD and HTC Wildfire occupy four out of the top ten most popular phones.

The battle for supremacy amongst the Mobile phone operating systems is also evident in the tracker statistics, however it appears to be the Google Android operating system that is becoming the most sought after.

Google Android now powers seven of the most popular phones in the UK.

Hot competition amongst the manufacturers can only be good news for consumers, says Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com:

“The biggest winners though are consumers. As the handsets do battle, prices of deals are being driven down. Even those who want smartphone functionality but are keen to keep an eye on the pennies will be happy.”

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