iPhone 4 Drops Below HTC Desire And Samsung Galaxy S

The iPhone 4 seems to be waning in popularity as it competes against smartphones from such as HTC and Samsung.

iPhone 4According to the new uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker, which ranks the nation’s favourite mobile handsets based on live searches and sales, HTC dominates the Top 3 while the iPhone 4 has slipped down into sixth place.

Android operated handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S, running the Google owned operating system now represent 50% of the most popular handsets.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com, comments: “The competition is taking a huge bite out of Apple’s market.

And, with over 800,000 deals currently giving away a smartphone for free, it’s easy to see how consumers are being lured away from the iPhone.

Many have to account for every penny spent, but at the same time do not want to miss out on owning the latest gadget. A free handset is a much more attractive proposition than shelling out for one – especially at iPhone prices.”

The top spot this month is taken by the HTC Desire. It’s HTC again which have shown the biggest climb this month with the HTC Wildfile moving to thirs spot.

But as Ernest Doku adds “Android phones have well and truly pipped Apple to the post. But, with just a couple of months until Apple is expected to give details of its next offering, it’s almost a dead cert that they will soon lead the way again in the race for smartphone dominance.”

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