Is Investing In Property For Your Pension A Good Idea – Ask Sofie Allsop Yourself!

With many of us viewing property as our retirement nest egg, and perhaps neglecting to save money into conventional pensions schemes, is it really a good idea to place all your eggs into the property market, or should you adopt a more sensible approach to funding your retirement?

Looking back over recent years, we have seen a property boom that has driven house prices upwards, but if you consider the market since the credit crunch it is a reminder that “prices can go down as well as up”, as the small print on the TV ads points out. Maybe this is telling us that relying on the value of our homes, or investment properties, to continually rise and keep us in luxury once we retire, isn’t such a good idea after all.

Talking of TV, property expert Sofie Allsop, sister of Kirstie of Location, Location, Location fame and Paul Goodwin from Aviva are appearing on a Live Web chat TV show on Friday 11th June at 12pm to discuss the merits of property and conventional pensions for retirement planning.

The good news is that you can ask your own questions so if you want some great advice then feel free to use the form below and let the experts help solve some of your pension conundrums.

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