Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud Causes More Problems At UK Airports

Travellers are yet again facing major disruption caused by closure of airports after the return of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud – although Heathrow and Gatwick airports have now partially reopened.

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Update: 18.45, 17 May

Flight restrictions at all UK airports have now been lifted.


Gatwick and Heathrow airports partially reopened this morning at 7am, having been closed overnight. Further trouble though has been advised by Nats, the air traffic authority and the Department of Transport anticipates disruption until at least tomorrow, Tuesday.

Whilst some flights will leave Gatwick this morning, there will not be any arrivals until at least 1pm. Heathrow has delays and cancellations but some flights are arriving and leaving.

Many UK airports remain closed until at least lunchtime, including Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Others such as Manchester and Stansted are open at the time of writing.

All passengers are advised to check the latest position with their airlines.

And it’s not just the UK that’s affected. For example in the Netherlands, Amsterdam’s Schiphol, Rotterdam and Groningen airports are closed until early this afternoon.

Be aware that many of Britain’s largest insurers have warned that travel insurance  policies bought from now will not include cover for claims arising from trips and holidays delayed or cancelled as a result of the volcanic ash problems.

Some insurers who did pay out some vovlcanic ash related claims have said they will not pay out on future claims. These include Aviva, Barclays, Churchill, Direct Line and More Than.

There are some insurers that will still provide cover so it’s best to check your travel insurance carefully.

If you want to buy travel insurance, use a comparison service such as that offered by or to see what cover is available that best suits your needs at what price.

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