How To Save On Motoring Costs As Petrol Prices Rise

Petrol prices are at an all time high, making it vital that drivers get the best deal on their motoring costs, taking advantage of all the benefits that can help with their budget.

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With the help of, here are 10 tips on saving money on your motoring costs.

1. Check your tyre pressure – poorly inflated tyres put more strain on the engine and use more fuel as a result

2. Remove roof racks when not in use – roof racks make your car less aerodynamic which means when on the car you use more fuel

3. Change the way you use you car’s pedals – save petrol by accelerating gradually from a standstill and leaving a good gap between you and the car in front so that you can break gently

4. Consider the type of car insurance policy you need – if the car is low value, third party fire and theft may be best as excesses may make comprehensive insurance pointless

5. Consider the amount of voluntary excess to have – you need to balance increasing the excess level to bring down your premium cost with keeping it at a level that you can afford should you need to make a claim. Be aware that the effect of increasing an excess on smaller, less expensive policies can be considerably less than for younger drivers who have much higher premiums.

6. Don’t have car modifications – these can be considered a greater risk and therefor drive up the cost of car insurance

7. Pay for your premium upfront – if you can do this it will save on any extra charges levied for spreading payment over instalments

8. Consider the number of miles you will do in a year – often the price of a car insurance policy will be based on the number of miles you expect to do so don’t overestimate on this. Remember though if your mileage is going to be more than you originally state then you need to let your insurer know

9. Don’t park your car on the roadside – if you can park your car on a driveway or in a garage many insurers consider this less risk and will therefore offer lower premiums

10. The best way to keep the costs down is by shopping around for cover, as not all insurance providers rate the same way and some companies specialise in covering specific risks. Price comparison is the ideal solution to getting the best price for the most suitable cover

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