How Would You Spend The Last Of Your Holiday Travel Money?

Perhaps it’s a sign of the financial struggle many have in that faced with how to spend the last of their holiday travel money, over a third would save it and not splash out as you might expect.

Holiday Travel Money

It seems Brits abroad could well be moving away from their boozy image as more would choose to save their last few Euros or Dollars, rather than spending it on some farewell drinks, duty free or slap up meal.

These are the findings of some research published today by Moneycorp, the foreign exchange provider.

Moneycorp asked over 2,000 adults in the UK how they would spend their last $45 (approx £30) on holiday.

When faced with ‘the dollar dilemma’, some 36% said they would either save their holiday travel money for another holiday, 19% would convert it back to sterling and 17% would save the money.

The survey marks the start of Moneycorp’s ‘Top Dollar’ deal at Stansted airport, which offers customers the best exchange rate on US dollars anywhere in the UK.

Customers buying £400 through the Top Dollar deal will get up to $45 (around £30) extra to spend on their travels, compared with using the high street. Customers buying £1,000 through the deal will get an extra $90 (around £56).

But it’s not all about trying to save money. The survey also found that nearly 20% would spend their remaining currency on presents for friends/ family

Some 8% would splash out on final drinks and a small number would spend the last of their currency on something naughty they wouldn’t tell their parents about – perhaps a strip club or a tattoo or gambling.

Mark Bessent, Retail Director of Moneycorp said, “Holidaymakers are clearly looking for ways to save on their spending money, and the Moneycorp Top Dollar deal gives travellers to the US a great way to make their money go further, with the best exchange rate on US dollars anywhere in the UK.”

Here’s a look at how the Top Dollar deal at Stansted offer compares with the deal you can get on the high street.

Pounds sterling Moneycorp exchange rate US Dollars Potential saving compared to the UK high street
£400 1.5876 $635.04 $41.84
£700 1.5876 $1,111.32 $63.14
£1,000 1.5876 $1,587.60 $90.20


MoneyHighStreet comments: “Just checking the Moneycorp website and this deal at Stansted does look compelling in that to order US Dollars for home delivery the current rate quoted is 1.5387.

“Clearly rates will fluctuate and you need to buy your holiday travel money at a time to get the best deal.

“If you’re travelling out of Stansted then the ‘Top Dollar’ deal is one to consider.

“You may also like to look at prepaid currency cards, as offered by FairFX and Caxton FX. You can often save on your holiday travel money with these and they are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers.”

To take advantage of Moneycorp’s Top Dollar deal, visit any of the Moneycorp branches at Stansted airport. Visit for more information.

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