How SIM only contracts can save mobile phone costs

SIM only mobile phone deals provide just a SIM card so that you can use your existing handset. As the networks normally supply a handset when a conventional contract is taken, they can offer better deals on calls and texts when only providing a SIM card.

As most people are happy with their handsets, moving to a SIM only contract can provide better value for money, compared to conventional contracts.

Mobile phone contracts

You can opt for a pay monthly SIM only contract, whereby your contract period lasts for only 30 days, rather than being tied into a conventional 12 or 18 month contract.

SIM only contracts therefore offer both good value and flexibility, so it is no wonder that they are one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile phone market.

According to figures published recently, Virgin Mobile now hold around 29% of the UK market for SIM only contracts.

The Virgin Mobile Liberty Sim product seems good value as monthly contract prices start at £15 per month and give you 300 minutes of calls and 500 texts.

T Mobile also have some excellent sim only deals. For £15 per month you receive 350 minutes of calls and unlimited texts with their pay monthly solo plan.

As with Virgin, you only have a 30 day commitment so you can easily switch to another provider, and retain your number, if you see better prices elsewhere.

The mobile phone market is changing. It is becoming more flexible and providing better value. Switching to a sim only contract is definitely a way to get more for your money as well as being free from lengthy contracts.

This table shows some of the sim only deals that are available for £15 per month contracts.

Network Call Minutes Texts Cost More Information
T Mobile 350 Unlimited £15 Click here
Virgin Mobile 300 500 £15 Click here
Vodafone 300 Unlimited £15 Click here

(Note: Contract details correct as at 23 Mar 2009)

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