Holidaymakers Need To Avoid Fees And Commission Costs Using Cards Abroad

With over £800 million being spent by UK holidaymakers on fees for using their cards abroad, it’s time to understand what these costs are and how to avoid them.

Holiday Travel MoneyTour operators are warning of rising holiday prices next year. This coupled with a weak pound means holidaymakers really must make sure to avoid hidden extras and fees on such as their holiday travel money.

As Alistair Firth, managing director, Escape Travel Money, explains: “Rising travel costs are an unfortunate reality, however there are ways to ensure that you don’t continue to lose out. A bit of savvy research into the true cost of your holiday money will give you an unnecessary fright.

“Our advice is simple, avoid bank cards and traditional credit cards at all costs when abroad and choose how you spend wisely.

“The right prepaid card can offer a better exchange rate than well known high street names, and no fees to access your own money.”

With an Escape Travel Money Card there are no extra fees levied for withdrawing money from foreign ATMs or paying bills with the card when abroad. You load the card with cash before you set off on your travels. In doing so you can take advantage of a competitive exchange rate and then avoid fees when spending whilst abroad.

MoneyHighStreet comments: “Using a prepaid card for your holiday travel money is growing in popularity. Not only does it help avoid extra fees, it’s got added security in that it can be blocked if lost or stolen. Plus it can really help you budget your spending money as you can only spend the amount you have preloaded onto it.

You can load the card with your cash at a time that suits you and time it to take advantage of any strengthening of the pound on the foreign exchange markets

With the Escape card you can also benefit from 20% cash-back when you shop online – see more on the Escape Travel Money card website.

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