Holiday, Party Or Relax Over Diamond Jubilee?

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend rushing towards us, is this a time to go on holiday, celebrate with a party or just relax at home or will you have to go into work?

Diamond Jubilee

A survey by ABTA, the Travel Association, has found that some 10% of the UK population will be taking advantage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend (from 2-5 June 2012) and will be taking a holiday break.

With the bank holidays falling on Monday and Tuesday, many workers will be taking advantage of the opportunity to take three days off to get nine days off work.

Of those taking holiday, 6% of the population plan to stay in the UK and 4% plan to head overseas.

Approximately 2.5million, equivalent to 4% are intending to hold a Jubilee party, potentially revisiting the scenes last seen in 1977 when whole streets closed to hold celebrations for her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee.

Around 40% of us will be relaxing at home whilst just over 10% will have to go into work as normal.

Mark Tanzer ABTA Chief Executive commented: “The country clearly has a great deal of affection for the Queen with millions intending to have a Jubilee party.

“The extended June bank holiday will also provide a shot in the arm for the British travel industry with six million intending to take a break in the UK or overseas.

“Like last year’s Royal Wedding, the Jubilee shows that extra bank holidays not only give us a chance to recharge our batteries but also give an extremely welcome boost to tourism and many parts of the wider economy.”

MoneyHighStreet comments: “With councils having received some 3,500 street party applications, clearly many are planning to celebrate the Jubilee with their neighbours and friends.

“If you are planning to do this, check if you can get a grant from your council to contribute to the costs as some are offering this.

“Do also consider whether you need public liability cover. First off it isn’t a legal requirement, although some councils are demanding that you have it. That said some councils will provide the cover for you, others have said they will pay a certain amount towards the premium you have to pay.

“Equally if you are planning to take advantage of time off work to go on holiday, consider buying travel insurance. Of course, firstly book in advance to take advantage on any deals available to help save on your holiday costs.

Save on your holiday travel money too by planning in advance. Waiting to exchange money at the airport could be far more costly. Many for example are turning to use prepaid currency cards for example – see more on these cards in our article ‘Why Travel with a Prepaid Currency Card?

“Of course whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy!”

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