Holiday Getaways in Full Swing But Mainly In UK

The August bank holiday makes the last two weeks of August attractive for holiday makers, however many more are staying in the UK rather than venturing abroad.

Holiday departure to EuropeIt appears that holidaymakers are more inclined to stay in the UK than travel abroad, despite the vagaries of the British weather. Blaming economic woes and pressure on personal finances, most holidaymakers just cannot afford to take a foreign holiday this year.

In a recent survey of their travel insurance customers, the AA found that Europe and Spain are the most popular destinations for those venturing abroad, with trips to the USA also popular.

Predictably, beach holidays are the most sought after, although many choose cultural vacations or city based breaks. Motoring holidays are being shunned as the cost of petrol and diesel make long car journeys very expensive.

The most alarming aspect of the AA research is that a quarter of holiday makers do not have travel insurance. “This is a very risky strategy,”, says Michael Cutbill, director of AA Travel Insurance.

It appears that many people think that they can rely on the free EHIC card to receive medical cover in Europe, however “it doesn’t guarantee free treatment.

You may be expected to pay for your treatment and while this might be recoverable from the NHS when you get home, it certainly won’t cover the cost if you if you need to be repatriated to the UK for instance; or for the cost of mountain or sea rescue.”, Cutbill added.

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