HIPs Confined To History, Thank Goodness

It is amazing how unpopular home information packs were. With the news that HIPs are abolished from today, people seem to be queuing up to express their relief that this “tax on selling a home” has finally been axed.

The problem for HIPs was that house buyers never bothered with them as they wanted to invoke their own enquiries during the purchase procedure. House sellers just saw it as a tax on placing their home on the property market.

The only people who benefited were those who underwent a rapid career change to become HIPs inspectors, however I think they found life difficult as it quickly became a very competitive industry, and customers were forced to use their services, rather than wanted to.

Oh, the government benefited too, by acquiring huge amounts of market data that many felt was being fed into possible rises in Council tax bills.

The news wires are abuzz with comments from almost anyone remotely involved in the property market. Every comment that I’ve read so far is rejoicing in the demise of HIPs, to some extent.

Personally, I think retaining the Energy Performance Certificate is good news, though it is under the tender care of EU regulations and so must be retained.

Minimising carbon emissions is important for all of us, and so is trying to reduce the costs of heating our homes, so I rather suspect that potential buyers do look at the EPC reports and those easy to understand graphs.

So I am also joining the long list of people who are celebrating the demise of the home information packs today.

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