High Petrol Prices Reduce The Number Of Visits To Petrol Stations

As petrol prices rise and the cost to fill up you car rockets, motorists looking to save money have reduced the number of visits to petrol stations.

petrol pricesAccording to AA Credit Card returns, since August last year the number of payments made by drivers at petrol stations with their AA credit card has fallen by 12%.

High petrol prices are starting to hit and people are looking to save money where they can.

As Mark Huggins, director of AA Financial Services comments “I believe they (people) are using the opportunity to fill up with grocery essentials for instance, as well as filling up their car and so avoid having to make a separate shopping trip later.”

This view is supported by findings from the Office of National Statistics which suggests that smaller shops and convenience stores, including those attached to filling stations, have seen a 2.5% increase in sales over the past year, compared with a 4.1% drop in supermarkets.

The average spend per transaction has risen 17% and now stands at £45.10 – corresponding to a rise in petrol prices from 116.p per litre in August 2010 to 135.8p now.

The AA’s Credit Card is designed to reward motoring spend. The card earns points on all card purchases and double points on fuel. What’s more, AA members earn points at twice the rate of non members.

Points can be redeemed for AA products and cash back, as well as a wide range of items, including high street shopping vouchers and special days out.

You can get more information on the AA website.


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