High Motoring Costs Put Lives In Danger

High motoring costs, including car insurance and petrol prices, are causing people to try and save money by cutting back on maintenance. The worry is motorists could end up driving poorly maintained cars and put lives in danger.

Save Money Car InsuranceA survey by Carrentals.co.uk reveals that almost 1 in 3 motorists are planning to postpone repairs or non-essential maintenance on their cars to save money. This could be a particularly bad move as winter approaches. Some 60% of drivers don’t get round to regularly checking their tyres and 80% don’t check their brakes.

Of even more concern is that of those that do check their break pads and tyres, a number then don’t bother to replace them. Driving round with bald tyres is not only illegal, it is a potential recipe for a disaster, particularly with the prospect of icy or indeed snowy conditions.

Drivers are cutting back on car insurance too with 10% having switched from comprehensive to third party, fire & theft cover or dropping aspects of their cover, such as rescue cover.

Some have even decided to not renew their car insurance – and driving without car insurance is illegal.

As Gareth Robinson, managing director of Carrentals.co.uk, says: “While for many having a car is vital for their daily life, they are increasingly looking for ways to cut back the costs associated with driving, be that safe changes such as buying a more economical vehicle, or the more dangerous cuts in maintenance. Safety has to be paramount, so we would ask anyone needing to save money to think carefully about where and how they cut their expenses.”

MoneyHighStreet comments: “It is a fact that the cost of running a car is rising and people are looking for all sorts of ways to save money. Some are even opting not to take a driving test and to drive without a licence. Anything that is illegal or potentially going to endanger leaves simply isn’t an option to consider, however much money you might save.

“There are steps you can take to help save money. For example if you are a young it might be beneficial to take out car insurance that is specifically designed for you. The Co-op for example have their Young Drivers insurance policy (find out more about it here) with which if you drive safely you qualify for Safer Driving Discounts to help reduce your premium.

“Also though as you look to get the best car insurance deal, carefully consider the cover you actually need. For example think about whether you need a courtesy car and what level of excess are you prepared to take.”

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