Having A CaxtonFX Card – Is It Worth It?

Taking holiday money abroad has become a lot easier and safer with the launch of a number of prepaid travel cards, but is it worth having a CaxtonFX card?

CaxtonFX CardPrepaid travel cards have been around for a couple of years now and to say that they have changed the way in which many people take their holiday money abroad is an understatement.

The days of loading up your wallet with wads of foreign cash or taking handfuls of travellers cheques with you are receding into the distant past, unless you are going to far flung, out of the way places.

Prepaid currency cards allow you to load up with your Euros or dollars before you go and then use the card in a similar way to using a conventional credit card when you are abroad. You can also withdraw cash from ATM’s when you are away too, though some card providers do charge for this service.

What are the Caxton FX exchange rates and charges like?

In fact CaxtonFX do not charge for the use of overseas ATM’s, which is a big advantage. It means that you can with draw Euros, for example, from an overseas ATM without paying commission or other fees, just as though you were withdrawing cash from your bank ATM.

You also receive competitive rates when exchanging your pounds for Euros or dollars. In fact CaxtonFX rates are the best that we have found when comparing them to most other prepaid currency cards, such as from the Post Office.

The CaxtonFX exchange rates are invariably better than you get in the new supermarket currency booths.

How can you load money onto the CaxtonFX card and where can you use it?

Loading your CaxtonFX card can be done via their website and by using your bank debit card, over the phone and even by SMS text messaging. You can, of course add further money to your card account whilst you are abroad if you need to.

So you get competitive exchange rates, no transaction charges, free overseas ATM access and the card is easy to load with your travel money, but is it accepted by many shops and services abroad?

As the CaxtonFX card is linked to MasterCard, it can be used wherever an outlet displays the MasterCard accepted here notice. Most shops and restaurants do, certainly in Europe and the USA, and in many other countries too.

So is it worth using a prepaid currency card to take your travel money abroad?

Definitely! Is it worth considering the CaxtonFX card? Definitely!

If you want to know more or get one of these cards, just see the CaxtonFX website.

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