Have You Filed Your Tax Return Yet?

I haven’t made many New Year resolutions this year, however one that I make every year, and fail to keep, is to complete my tax return soon after the tax year ends.

I generally start to receive tax deduction statements for savings accounts, the P60 form and other tax related documents from around May, so I have enough information to complete the tax form soon after the tax year ends.

Instead of doing that, I dutifully file each form away. But I inadvertently file them in different places and forget where some are.

I also find reasons not to do the tax return, or just plain forget about it, until the 31st January deadline suddenly appears with stark clarity.

So it is panic stations trying to collate all those misfiled documents and then it is a mad rush to make sure that any tax due is received by HMRC by the end of the month.

Which reminds me, I must send the tax form of in the post today. And renew my resolution to complete my tax return as soon after the end of this tax year as possible….

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