Have You Checked Your Energy Bill?

Almost 30% of households have been wrongly billed by their energy supplier within the last couple of years.

Energy BillAccording to research from uSwitch, alongside inaccuracy of banks, council departments, credit card companies and other utility companies, energy suppliers are high up the list when it comes to getting bills wrong.

Not only have around 30% of households had an incorrect energy bill within the last couple of years, some 14% have had this happen more than once.

As well as taking time and effort to sort out, inaccurate bills can leave a hole in people’s pockets.

Over 10 million households have unexpectedly ended up owing money to their energy supplier following a discrepancy between an estimated bill and a ‘real’ bill.

The average amount owed comes in at £147, with around 14% of households unexpectedly owing between £200 – £400 due to a billing discrepancy and 8% over £400. With many struggling to pay bills anyway at the moment, having to pay extra out can worryingly push people over the edge and risks causing wider debt problems.

To improve matters more are providing their own meter reading and as Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at uSwitch.com says “Consumers should aim to provide a reading once a quarter – failure to do so can result in receiving an estimated bill, which is where many of the issues relating to accuracy lie.

It is a simple step to take, but it really is in all of our interests to make sure that suppliers are using up-to-date information on our bills.”

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