Get 25% Off Balance Transfer Handling Fees With The Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card with balance transfer new customers will benefit from 25% off handling fees when they make more than one balance transfer.

Barclaycard Platinum credit cardThis Platinum Credit Card offers the UK’s longest 0% balance transfer deal of 18 months and now those making more than one balance transfer will get 25% off handling fees.

This offer applies to new customers applying for the card between now and 3 May 2011 and who have 60 days to make their balance transfers.

The 25% off will apply to all additional handling fees, whilst the highest balance transfer will have a handling fee of 2.9%.

Customers can also benefit from the 25% off with the Barclaycard Platinum Purchase Card. With this you can take advantage of 0% interest on purchases for 12 months.

The representative APR for both cards is 16.9% APR (variable). Whether you are successful with your application and the actual terms of your product will depend on defined criteria, including for example your credit rating. comment: Transferring a balance from a card with a high interest rate could be an excellent way to help you start to get rid of your credit card debt.

However, such cards needs to be used wisely. Failing to pay off balances by the end of the promotional period can potentially leave you with further expensive debts to try and pay off, negating the value of the offers provided in the first place.

Other long period balance transfer credit cards include the:

– Nationwide Building Society credit card offering a 17 month 0% interest period for balance transfers and 6 months 0% interest for purchases. The balance transfer fee is 2.95%

Virgin Money credit card with a 16 month 0% transfer period and a fee of 2.89%. There is also 0% interest on card purchases for 3 months.

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