It’s Festival Time But Make Sure Your Posessions Are Covered

With festival time hitting, whether it’s Reading, the V-Festival, perhaps Kendal Calling or the Spanish festival Benicassim you’re heading to, make sure you enjoy the fun and get cover for your possessions.

Festival possessions insuranceFestivals are invariably great fun come sun or rain but revellers need to make sure they protect their possessions against theft, loss or damage.

Sadly there are often opportunistic thieves about who will venture into unguarded tends to try and take small, valuable items such as an iPod or iPhone or indeed any smartphone or small gadget.

Research by found cover for personal possessions while away from the home can be tagged on to home contents insurance for a small additional cost. By doing this, festival goers can have the piece of mind that their personal possessions will be covered.

Be aware though that not all insurers will cover camping equipment as part of a standard policy so it’s important to check the small print.

If you’re travelling abroad, do think about travel insurance too.

And if you’re travelling by car, as Julie Owens says, “The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck at the side of the road with little choice but to listen to your destination festival on the radio. Having motor breakdown is an essential add-on for any motorist.

Before setting off, it’s important festival goers check their policies carefully so they know exactly what is covered. For example, making sure a policy includes onward travel to ensure they make it to hear their favourite bands, even if they breakdown on their way.”

Some top tips from moneysupermarket to make your festival going fun are:

  • Don’t take expensive clothing or jewellery with you – you won’t need them – especially as insurer ‘single article’ limits (the maximum amount the insurer will pay out on any single item you are claiming for) are usually around £1,000 or £1,500. ( comment: If you have single items valued at more than this, high value contents insurance may be better for you)
  • Consider taking a disposable camera, to cut down on risk of damage, loss or theft.
  • Report lost or stolen money to the Police within 24 hours. This is a condition in some policies which if you don’t adhere to means they will not pay out.
  • Keep your most valuable possessions with you at all times, and stick together in groups – you are less likely to be a target of mugging or theft.
  • Don’t keep all your money in one pocket.
  • Don’t make your pitch at the bottom of a hill, since rainwater (or worse) could end up running down into your tent.
  • Look at whether your credit card offers you any form of protection for accommodation or travel cancellation.

And of course go and have fun!

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