Energy bills – Do you leave your heating on in an empty house?

Energy bills are hitting people hard, not least due to the coldest winter for some time, but are you one of the 1 in 10 who still leave their heating blazing all day?

Energy billsEven though more people are concerned about the cost of their energy bills and feel that the recent cold snap has made them more aware of their energy usage, a staggering number of people have bad habits that will help send their bills spiralling high.

According to research from, 22% of people leave their heating on in empty houses for their pets and nearly 40% turn up their thermostat rather than getting a jumper on.

Even though they face rising energy bills, only 1/3 of homeowners consider switching their energy plan as a solution to help save money.

It appears that central heating is still the first port of call for keeping warm in homes across the nation. The average home owner is turning up the heat to a staggering 22.6c, hotter than Miami in January.

Gareth Kloet, head of energy at comments “It’s disappointing that, whilst 76% of home owners admit to being more aware of the energy they are using, they are not using this increased awareness as inspiration to bring their cost down in the simplest, quickest way possible: by finding the most appropriate tariff and provider for them. Accredited websites like make this process effortless.”

There are other ways to also help save money on your gas and electricity bills, including insulate your loft, lower your washing machine temperature and turn appliances and lights off.

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