How Much Do You Add To Your Energy Bill With Your Power Shower?

Taking a shower rather than a bath saves energy and so can save you money – how true actually is this statement? Put another way, how much does your power shower really cost you?

Energy PricesUnilever UK & Ireland undertook a world-first Sustainable Showering Study for which it developed an innovative Shower Sensor to see what Brits get up to behind closed bathroom doors.

Its scientists used the memory-stick sized piece of technology to monitor more than 2,600 showers by 100 families in an innovative study to understand the time and money Brits spend in the bathroom.

Interestingly the results show that the typical British family spend more than a week in the shower every year on average – a total of 8.1 days.

With the average shower taking 8 minutes per person this means that for power shower owners they’re racking up an energy bill of around £1,000 per year. For standard flow showers the bill is still pretty sizeable at £416 per year.

And if you use an power shower for a longer period to relax your energy usage increases considerably, perhaps as much as three times more than if you had a bath.

Of concern is that just 8% of Brits currently realise their hot water use has any impact at all on their energy bill, according to a survey by the Energy Savings Trust

This indicates that the issue of sustainable showering really doesn’t feature on many people’s radars. People are not as conscious as they could be about their water usage and impact on their energy usage that showers have.

To help raise awareness on the importance of sustainable showering, Unilever created a video, shown below. It’s well worth a watch and features soundbites with one of the families who took part in the study as well as figureheads from DEFRA, Global Action Plan and Forum for the Future.

MoneyHighStreet comments: “As energy prices continue to rise, householders are looking for every opportunity to try and save money – whether it be switching to a better energy plan, controlling the heating temperatures in the home or indeed reducing the time in the shower, it all helps.

With many households planning to ration their energy use this year it is absolutely vital that you find the right energy plan to suit your household needs, comparing prices to do this.

It may also be worth considering using a real-time energy monitor. A recent survey showed that households could save significantly on their energy bills if they use one.

Sustainable Shower Study

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