Is There Time To Get An EDF Fixed Energy Plan?

Following price hikes by the majority of the ‘Big 6’ energy companies, EDF has now withdrawn 2 of its fixed energy plans, is it time to switch to the new cheapest EDF plan?

Fixed Energy PlanEDF has replaced its Fixed Saver 2 tariff with a new tariff called ‘Fix For 2012’ – whilst more expensive than the original, this new fixed energy plan is still one of the cheapest in the market.

Rising energy prices are bad news for consumers, particularly as many people are already struggling with their bills.

As Tom Lyon, energy expert at says; “Fixing your energy prices offers security and peace of mind, especially for those worried about the impact of price hikes on their household budget. But consumers should be aware of reports that wholesale energy prices are falling, which could bring price rises to an end or even signal future price cuts.

“Those who have fixed may not be able to benefit from these so people need to consider this carefully. What is important is that whatever type of plan you opt for, always make sure you get an independent and impartial comparison based on your own personal circumstances before signing on the dotted line.”

According to uSwitch, based on the average energy bill, the new EDF Energy ‘Fix For 2012’ will cost £1,051. The other other ‘Big 6’ suppliers are as follows:

Supplier Plan Name Date prices are fixed to Average Bill Size (£) Additional Info
EDF Energy


Fix for 2012

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31.12.2012 £1,051 Cancellation fee of £50 for Dual Fuel customers if you leave before 31st December 2012
EDF Energy Fixed Price 2014

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31.03.2014 £1,084 Cancellation fees may apply as follows if you choose to change supplier or tariff: £35 per fuel if you leave before 31 March 2012 and £15 per fuel if you leave before 31 March 2013
npower Go Fix 7

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04.12.2012 £1,127 £20 cancellation fee per fuel if cancelled before end date.
ScottishPower Online Fixed Saver November 2012 31.10.2012 £1,129 Cancellation charges are £30.64 for electricity and £20.42 for gas
npower Price Fix 2013

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01.01.2013 £1,173 £20 cancellation fee per fuel if cancelled before end date.
SSE Fixed Discount January 2014 01.01.2014 £1,179 Termination fee: £80 if leave before 1st November 2012; £60 if leave from 1st November 2012 and prior to 1st January 2014.
E.ON E.ON Fixed Price April 2013 01.04.2013 £1,190 Cancellation fee of £80 for Dual Fuel customers if you leave before 1st April 2013
ScottishPower Fixed Price Energy NSC Online January 2015 31.12.2014 £1,214 Cancellation charges inclusive of VAT of £30.64 for electricity and £20.42 for gas if cancelled before 31st December 2014
British Gas Price Promise March 2013

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31.03.2013 £1,284 Rates will be fixed until the 31st March 2013. Cancellation fees of £50 gas and £50 electricity.
SSE Price Fix 7 3 Years from going live £1,307 Termination fee: £80 if leave within 18 months of customer start date; £60 after 18 months on the product

MoneyHighStreet comments: “Unless you are one of the two million who avoid paying gas and electricity bills, you need to carefully consider you energy needs and compare energy plans from the different providers to get the best deal to meet your needs.

Important as it is, it’s not just about getting the best deal though. There are other ways you can save money on your energy bill – by turning equipment off for example and only using what you need, why boil a full kettle of water when you’re only making 1 cup of tea?

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