EDF Energy And Scottish Power Join The Gas Price War

Hot on the heels of price cuts announced by nPower, EDF Energy and Scottish Power are also reducing their gas prices as the energy price war continues.

Edf EnergyEDF Energy And Scottish Power are the last of the big six energy providers to announce gas price reductions. They are reducing their gas prices by four and eight percent respectively.

Whilst this is good news for their customers, both companies are delaying their price reductions for several – EDF cuts will apply from March 26th, whereas those from Scottish Power will come into effect at the end of the month.

Improving weather conditions mean that these cuts will only start to apply once the warmer days of early spring arrive. As with the nPower announcement yesterday, this is provoking discontent with industry insiders, who claim these cuts are “too little, too late”, particularly when energy debts are increasing significantly over the last two years.

Price comparison site, Confused.com have issued a statement that says “With all of the big six now having shown their hand, it’s hard to believe that these huge companies are able to advertise the fact that they are cutting prices, when they are failing to actually proceed with the cuts until sometime later – when it’s likely to have less benefit to the customer.”

As gas prices are becoming more competitive, it clearly benefits the consumer to shop around for the best energy deals and switching to dual fuel tariffs and direct debit payment schemes can reduce the cost of fuel even further.

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