EDF Energy Reduces Its Cheapest Tariff

With autumn around the corner, consumers will be pleased to learn that EDF Energy has cut the cost of its cheapest tariff. EDF claim that this will now become the cheapest tariff offered by the major suppliers for dual fuel customers paying by direct deposit.

The new Blue Price Promise March 2016 tariff from EDF fixes energy costs for the next 18 months and doesn’t lock customers into this rate as they are free to leave at any time without incurring penalties.

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In addition, customers will be alerted by email if they could save more than £1 per week from any other new tariff, either from EDF or any of its competitors. This should give peace of mind to customers who are concerned about rapidly changing energy prices, and who may be tempted to switch during the fixed price term.

Blue+Price Promise March 2016 is open to both new and existing customers and is available to those with credit meters. Customers can sign up to the tariff through www.edfenergy.com and manage their account online or can contact the company’s UK-based customer service call centre.

EDF Energy is also extending the length of its longer-term fixed-price product Blue+Price Freeeeze (sic), making it the longest available fix in Britain. Based on a national average of regional prices, the annual dual fuel bill for a typical customer on Blue+Price Freeeeze May 2018 paying by direct debit would be £1,210 a year.

As one of the UK’s largest energy providers, EDF has made an early move in what is likely to be a round of price revisions from its competitors such as British Gas. Lower crude oil and wholesale energy prices are likely to lead to slightly lower bills, or better fixed rate terms, this winter which will be welcomed by consumers.

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