Don’t Take Risks With DIY This Bank Holiday

Bank holidays are usually associated with a sudden interest in DIY, though renovation hungary Brits are being warned that they may be doing more damage than good to their homes.

It is not just badly done DIY that can cost you more money than you save. Apparently, Brits have wasted more than £4 billion in rectifying the problems caused by cowboy tradesmen over the last five years.

Those findings by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance show how many of us rely on unqualified trademen and dodgy builders even after we have watched TV programmes such as Rogue Traders.

We ought to know better, I guess.

What people don’t realise is that bodged home improvements, whether from enthusiastic, but incompetent DIY, or dodgy tradesmen. could invalidate their home insurance. This means that they are unable to claim on their insurance should anything go wrong during the improvements project.

In the following video, Michael Holmes, Editor of ‘Real Homes’ Magazine advises on what you can, and should never, save money on when it comes to renovating and how to ensure you identify and select qualified tradesmen.

Ben Tyte, Head of Sainsbury’s Home Insurance also provides tips on how to make sure you’re covered by your home insurance from the start of your renovation right through to when you’re sitting back admiring the job.

I think you should watch it before the August Bank Holiday, just in case!

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